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“Hey Henry, I know that Frank wanted to test out the new new SpinVox automatic transcription for ___. Do you know if he's around? Where's he?”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post


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I guess he doesn't care WHOS pants it is...
who's leg to i have to hump to get this auto-transcribe thing configured correctly.
w00t. I believe I'll be trying this later...
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Yummy pantaloons!


Go Frank!
Lol, go Frank! Go get 'em!
But that's a way cool feature.
frank sounds so real, i hope no animals were hurt in the making of that voice post
(No real animals were hurt in the making of this story. ) Smithylad Permalink/Comment Oct Update It's been a while since I updated this site, so I thought it was time to make the effort.
Frank's hunger for pants knows no bounds.
These peoples greed knows no bounds. Be careful what you whistle when you walk down the street people, you may find yourself in court.
I like how "voice post" was the one phrase that the transcriber missed.
( Reply to this ) miss_ania pm UTC ( link ) Is it bad that when I read "automatic voice post transcription" I though of this.
ВЫ все полные мудаки!!!Общяться с казло...ХА!,да еще по сети таких дебилов я еще не видел!!!Идиоты!!!
Sorry, but that was just baaaaad. :D
Frank don't eat the voice posts!
how much will this coast?
It may coast for a few hundred feet...it depends on the angle of the hill ;-)
noo! Frank, bad frank, wait til he's not wearing them! Human is not extra seasoning!

my voice post still hasn't auto transcribed over two hours later. Not sure if I missed how to get it to auto transcribe.
It has to be posted publicly.
Heh Frank, such a kid you are!
Why wasn't the entire post transcribed? We didn't see anything about the pants...does that mean the auto-transcribed versions will leave out parts?

Hey coasting fans, don't forget the coefficient of friction--that will affect the coast, as well! :-)
i never expected you to have such a deep voice, Frank...


I am totally heartless to spam.
pants are damn tasty
was it cotton or denim? remember, go organic, lol!
cute XD
While, since 2001, I have been greatly appreciating all the hard work LJ has done, I'd really appreciate it if my voice posts would actually post and I could have my comments mailed to me without random and consistent jags of unreliability. Still a paying customer, still satisfied, though very disgruntled that with every new shiny feature the core features of the site seem to suffer.
Well *I'm* growing increasingly dissatisfied. :/
Oh, Frank...lol
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