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What should I be listening to?

Who else is on Last.fm?


I know I'm supposed to be a goat, not a sheep, but everyone at the office was doing it. I'm looking for friends and song recommendations!


anything by Nightwish, though I recommend their earlier work.
I am, I am!

You should definitely listen to Kaizers Orchestra 8D
Just stick with the Spongebob! ;D You can't go wrong there!
James Pants, obviously.
Love your bunny icon. Our rabbit used to do that too!
Here I am. Already added you, so please accept me. :)

Spongebob and Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants? I approve.
Long time no see your entries!!!<3
Mickey Katz - Where Is My Pants
Heh. I'm wetdryvac on last FM, and have rather a penchant for industrial, electro, classical, and banjo. Feel free to pass through.
I used to be on last.fm. And then I got bored with it after a week.
Frank, you're just the best. I've been listening to KINK, RadioParadise, and Pandora. Thanks for the new link. My computer doesn't have a soundcard or MediaPlayer right now, so I'm at the mercy of my brother, but he'll be gone all weekend, so I can check it out.

Uh, and a lot of the other comments here make absolutely NO sense to me - am I a dinosaur? (Ogodpleasedon'tletmebeadinosaur...)

Edited at 2008-10-11 04:21 am (UTC)
I have no idea what last.fm is... just had to say your icon kinda scares me - please don't eat me for dinner!

~ Pants
Hey Frank, I saw this image today and thought you'd love it:

"An mountain goat jumps over sheep as their breeders moved them en masse through the streets of Marseille, France, mimicking a traditional seasonal move from higher to lower grounds, November 9, 2008. Sheep farmers of south eastern France were denouncing and hoping to raise awareness of difficulties being felt by breeders caused by a crisis in the sector."
Jean-Paul Pelissier, Reuters Ottawa Citizen

I saw this and thoufght of you! Enjoy!

last.fm - is cool =)

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