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eating santa's pants

Oh, my hooves, my aching, aching hooves. The life of a last-minute reindeer substitute is hard, let me tell you. I can't give away any of the trade secrets on how Santa manages to make deliveries to all those houses in such a short time, because I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but let me just say that it's a LOT harder than it looks on those animated holiday specials on TV.

We had a great night, though, and we got a LOT done, and thank you to everyone who left out pants for me to munch on! (They were really, really good. Especially this pair of superwashed denim that I found in an apartment just outside of Cleveland. Except I don't think I was supposed to eat those, so, uh, if any of you guys got a pair of gift pants with a bite out of the rear, I'm sorry...)

And then I got home and found that for the first night of Hanukkah -- we goats are nondenominational, you know, and we celebrate most human holidays and a whole bunch of our own -- someone had given me the best gift ever: a pair of hoof slippers ... with built-in massagers. So I am kicking back in the goathouse, with my four vibrating slippers on my poor aching hooves and a glass of eggnog, and I will see you all again after the New Year!

(PS: Enjoy the icon of me eating Santa's pants. I kind of got in trouble for it, but at least I waited until we were back at the Pole to take a bite.)


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Hey, Frank, buddy, forgive my family for not leaving any food out, be it cookies & milk, carrots, or pants; my dog woulda got it long before you did.

I'm sue you did an excellent job.
Not only was my dad leaving, so was my dog. I always wanted him to come back. . . . And he did, as a girl chihuahua 11 years later.
At least you have a story to tell your grandgoats.

Enjoying the icon, very lovely. ;]
Glad you (and Frank) liked it! (my creation- see here
Thanks for delivering all these great presents.
Sounds like you had fun, even if it was a lot of hard work.
By the way, do you celibrate Festivus?
Who doesn't celebrate Festivus?

I got massaging slippers for Christmas too! Though, only two, as I only have two feet. :)
I got her some massaging slippers as an early christmas gift this year. She has worn them maybe twice over the past week and a half she's had them.
UMM yeah, looks like you and Santa skipped my house.
That's because you were naughty :P
So, I got this really cool pair of old nazy cords for christmas, and was all excited, until I realized half of the left leg was -actually- chewed up. I'm attributing this to you, Frank. Am I correct in this assumption? If so, I hope they were particularly tasty, because obviously the denim flares I left out for you to munch weren't enough.
Correction: Old Navy
Santa has a whole year to get some new pants, no worries!
Santa can't have been too happy about his pants. You should've just opened my dad's cupboard - I'm sure he wouldn't have missed any of his pants!
what's with leaving me a crockpot?

For me, a crockpot is a convenience, not a necessity -- I don't think that there is anything you can make in a crockpot that you couldn't make just as good or better on the stove or in the oven; the advantage, though, is that you can safely leave the crockpot cooking while you go out of the house for errands or work, and I at least am too paranoid to leave pots bubbling on the stove or in the oven if I am not in the house.
FRANK..why'd you eat my black pants?! You've ate them all! Those pants rocked
But thanks for the presents:D
Ничего себе, как вкусный, забава и умный
but let me just say that it's a LOT harder than it looks on those animated holiday specials on TV.

Frank, I think there should be a holiday special about you!
most definately. Here is to "St. Frank the Goat's" day :)
Wheehee, you left me makeup! Thankyou Frank! And just for you, I'm going to leave out an extra helping of pants next year.
so glad you enjoyed yourself!
delicious icon darling! do take care ^^
thank you!
was Santa upset that you ate his pants ince you got back? or did Mrs. Claus fix 'em?

and U dud not know you celebrsted all of the human holidays. In that case, Merry Christimikwanzika
PS-thanks for the iPod!
You know what Frank? Since my family has traveled around a lot, we also celebrate about every holiday there is on this planet, it's awesome!
Merry Christmas. Next year, I promise to leave out an extra pair of pants.
Right, you might not ever see this, but I think your name is really cool. Did you get the briarmoss part from a book? There's a book with a character named Briar Moss. I thought that was nifty =P
tell santa thanks for the digital camera!!

i'll definitely leave you some pants next year. merry christmas frank!
Ah, man, Frank, was it your idea to give me not one but TWO toothbrushes for Christmas? I mean, if my breath smells that bad, you could've just told me instead of trying to be subtle! X___x
Tsk, tsk, Frank! How could you eat Santa's pants! I certainly hope he took them off BEFORE you took your bite. O.o
Lol, Nice Frank for pasting two dollars together. You made me look like a fool this morning.
What, you mean Santa doesn't pilot a TARDIS? How else can he store all those presents in one place, *and* enter through every chimney in the world simultaenously?? ;)

You're a *goat* - eat that non-disclosure agreement!!!
But... but... the sleigh *is* a TARDIS.
You did great, thanks for helping get all those pressies out! Enjoy your slippers!
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