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i say what

I'm on TV?

Samantha wrote into LJ's Feedback address and showed us this:


Watch carefully at about 1:15. No, I haven't had lunch, but I'm intrigued! (Thanks, Samantha!)


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I noticed that the other day! It made me quite happy. :)
congrats, FRANK !

need i ask for your autograph ????
I'm not very good at signing things, but I can send you a comment!
That's awesome! Way to go Frank... making it into commercials... what's next, a movie? ^_^
I wish!

If not, I could just hang out outside the dressing rooms of bad-tempered movie stars and gather up the wardrobes they don't want. All the pants I could eat! Nothing beats that.
That was awesome.
I saw that commercial yesterday and thought, "what are the odds?"
No doubt you're eating someone's pants. Kudos.
awww, i love yout icon!! ^_^
You are right. That really Wowee!
Wow. Go Frank! :D

P.S. Who is the lovely sheep in the photo on your locker door? Has a certain famous goat got a secret crush?
memethesheep, of course!
SWEEEEEET ... plus working with ellen... nice :)
Whoa, congrats Frank! :D
We saw that a few days ago and we both laughed. I wonder if it was intentional?
frank you looked spectacular, way to go man, way to go!

i'd like an autograph please.
your acting skills were very impressive!!! Will you be doing magor motion pictures soon?
aww Frankie you should have had more face time
haha congratulations!
Hey I saw Ellen's promo as well, and I was thinkin': "Either dude-goat ain't making enough being LJ's mascot/lawncare expert/pants consumer supreme, that he's pimpin' other projects on the side, or he's branchin' out and just pimpin' himself!"

Either way, they got your wrong side, totally!
What is that that she's offering Frank? It looks like a ball of sticks.
I was pretty sure it was grass or alfalfa
that is pure wonderfull! Congrats on working with Elen
oh i like this a lot! :) did you have fun doing the commercial?
Even if im just reiterating Every one Else. GO Frank. It just seemed natrual. i cant believe i didnt see it when i first saw the commercial. It might not have been in there 'cause i remember it beeing alot shorter.
there are two versions of the commericial that I've seen so far (though I didn't make the connection the first time I saw this version)
You really shouldn't do children's shows, Frank.

You'll get typecast.
Nice butt Frank! ;p
i'm going to show my lj friends this now
Way to go Frank! It's good to see you were showing your arse, not making an arse of yourself on tv!

Good move Frank, good move!

BTW... When's the DVD special edition coming out? It's all about the extra and deleted scenes! *g*
oh yeah i saw that i love it its so funny lol
You're the man, frank!
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