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i say what

I'm on TV?

Samantha wrote into LJ's Feedback address and showed us this:


Watch carefully at about 1:15. No, I haven't had lunch, but I'm intrigued! (Thanks, Samantha!)


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I hope they paid you hella lot of money! Congrats. Does this mean you get/have to join Equity?


well done, Frank.

I've missed your posts.
Good job - I must say you acted that scene out beautifully.
Ы! Бабруйский офисный планктон!
been a while since you've updated, Frank
any particular reason why?
That commercial is brilliant!!! Love it
congrats on sharing the stage with Ellen! May you have more then enough pants to eat this thanksgiving!
Haha, wonderful :)
heehee, what a great cameo!! I'll have to pass this on. ^_^
Awe frank, hope your eat soon!
what the hell frank
FRANK! Send me a comment puh-lease. I've been on LJ for long long time (user 621) and even have a stuffed goat I named frank, because you pretty much rock.

And I don't generally have stuffed annimals, since they are generally for kids/girls. However, I saw the little guy and you came to mind.
Frank! How was Moscow zoo? Ever since I heard about it, I've been waiting to hear all the details here...
Sweeeeet! You're famous outside of LJ land! I hope they paid you well.

Pssst - I have a cat named Pants, you know. No, you can't eat her.
Wow Frank, you made it to the Big Time!
What's Hollywood like? Tell the rest of us un-famous folk :)
As a Brit I have to say that to us non Americans we go *FRANK!!!!* then go "who's she?" halfway through I remembered "Z-Lister with a show on day time telly on Ch.4" but YOU were instantly recognisable. It's the talent, must be. Talent, like medics, has no borders.
LOL! I saw the long version yesterday and yelled out, "Hey! That's FRANK!"

Good to know I wasn't the only one seeing it...
that's so awesome D: you should have more face time kk.
I just saw frank XD
Hello,anybody out there...
This is the BEST commercial ever. And Frank, ya got a moment of fame. Yeah!
^^ i heart that commercial ^^
Frank I like the Xmas decorations on the navigation bar it's nice.
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