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deck the goat

another goat?

burr86 woke me up this morning, bright and early. "I really wish I didn't have to be the one to tell you this," he said, "But I think deflatermouse found another goat." Oh, man, was I peeved. What was Simon thinking? LJ is my turf, and as long as you're on my turf, you play by my rules. And that means: no other goats!

I called Simon and confronted him. "Is there another goat in your life, Simon?"

"Uh, what?"

"I mean, I'll understand if you're not interested in our relationship anymore. People grow, people change."

"Oh, Frank, baby. You're still my one and only."

"So who's the other goat?"

I heard a laugh on the other end, one of those laughs that told me there was so much more to the story than I thought. "Well," Simon explained, "you've been such a great helper around the office. Always taking care of LJ, always making sure everything runs as best as you can. So I figured, for Christmas, that I'd get another goat." He emailed me a picture.

Okay, fine, I'll admit. That's one hot goat, and if I weren't in a committed relationship with LJ, I'd even ... ahem, nevermind. But that wasn't the point! Simon! Another goat! It's true! "We don't --"

He cut me off before I could finish. "Not for us! Do you think there's any goat who could replace you? I bought a goat from Oxfam, so we could spread the joy of having a goat to other families." (Simon's a bit of a geek, he even said "a href equals" and gave me the link over the phone.) "I love you, and you love me, and I wanted to share our love with others."

I breathed a sigh of relief as he continued, "I didn't want to tell you yet. I wanted it to be a surprise."

It was indeed a surprise! And, selfishly, was I relieved to hear that Simon wasn't cheating on me with another goat. But what a great present, indeed -- it was such a great present that I came to post about it right away! And, take it from me: whatever holiday you celebrate, consider giving the joy of a goat next year. Just make sure to tell any other goats in your life before they get suspicious!

Happy holidays, everyone!


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Frank, one day we have to all grow up and get hitched. Even though LJ is your pride, this lady goat can be your passion!
Aw, Frank, you guys are so cute! My next door neighbours have many goats, goats are awesome!
Wow, I had no idea these even existed! Thanks so much for posting about the Oxfam site, and thanks to one of the commenters who posted about www.heifer.org. I am going to spread the news (wish I'd known about it before Christmas!). I will definitely be including these sort of gifts in my birthday and Christmas giving in the future.
That's OK. You're still the best goat. ^_^
Happy Christmas Frank! I think I may send a goat as a New Year's resolution.
Merry Christmas, Frank! :D Another goat? hmm.
oh, Frank, i wouldn't worry about it. you're the hottest goat around. that goat is cute, but Frank is still the #1.

Внатуре, сука, казел!!!

не работает твой казлингный журнал

With Michelle Pheiffer?

Simon's a bit of a geek, he even said "a href equals" and gave me the link over the phone.

Simon's a bit of a geek, he even said "a href equals" and gave me the link over the phone.

AHA. I have deffinatly said that outloud too. Frank, you are too funny!

Ode To Goats

I am new to LJ, and was pleasantly surprised to see your blog. I love goats, and would like to have several of my own someday. I think goats should rule the world. What a great idea to know that someone gave a member of your species to a family in need. There aren't enough of you guys to go around!

You rule, Frank. Keep on bleating the good news!
I am also new to LJ. An old friend of mine and I were always making up stories about goats so I was soo surprised to see this LJ!

Thanks for using my goat decorations again this year Franky! Happy Holidays a bit late...
don't worry frank, we love you!
much love from down under...under the bed...we are watching.
Err... I'm confused? :) Not hard to do, though.


Hey Frank the I/M Roxxx!
Just thought I would let
you Know you are the Coolest
Goat Ever!
I love Your Default Pic!
It's too Funny! (lol)
Well Talk To Ya Soon.
Ya Friend* Kayla<3

k so frank....

u r the bestest smartest goat ever n we luvv yew<3
yew cutie.
i luv animals n goats r 1 of my favs.
n ur a goat seesee?! ur ahsome!
Ya Bestest Human Friend *KaylaGurrl*
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