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I got mentioned in the latest news post!

Krissy asked me if I had anything to say about April's charity vgifts -- oh, boy, did I ever. For some reason, though, they didn't want to post my entire 12-page-long email about how awesome I think it is that we -- you, us! -- donated 14 goats to Heifer International. But they got the important bits, at least. Nice work, LJ!

(I spent some time trying to convince them not to donate me. No, I said, LJ will go to ruin without me. I'm still here. I think I convinced them.)


Oh Frank!

I'd cry if they got rid of you!

I think it's great that you worked with Heifer International. Good job!
just think how many pairs of pants that would have been
yay goats!
Your victory will be short lived! I will not rest until you are slowly being digested by the hungry stomachs of children the world over! Avast ye!
Goats rock socks man! Especially the pygmy ones....
I thought goats were bad - they eat too much vegetation and add to the desertification of a region.

All goats should be kept at LJ HQ and used to power the site.
yeah they could run on treadmills with an elaborate setup of power generating gears! Of course you would probably have to dangle some pants in front to get them to run.
Now that is a great idea. It would also be carbon neutral.

Save the goat. Save the world.
Save the goat. Save the world.
Love it!
That should be LJ's new motto.
I second that!
Me three!
Me four. =)
did you get a chance to see or meet any of the goats before they were shipped off?
i should think they would need your stamp of approval
Можно по-русски?

Hi Frank!

I'm sad because I haven't there (In LJ) friends. How can I get them?
Please, help me, if you can.


Congrats On the news post mention! That means you are on the front page!

You don't post enough though.
that's just great, this place wouldn't be the same without you, what a relief
If you left who would we dangle the pants at?!

I once knew a girl goat called Molly. She tried to bull rush me. Bug goat, at that. With horns.

Thought of you when I saw this:

Do you know this goat?

Watch out for belligerent ducks, Frank!

oh no,

they could never run LJ without "the Frank"
I would be terribly sad.

So were they cute goats? did you try to keep any to assist in the running of LJ?
FRANK!! I'm so glad to hear from you it's been way too long since you've posted. Congrats on the front page!
It's about damn time. Go on wit yo' bad self.
speak Russian,please!
I'm glad those goats are going to help a good cause. <3 You did a very good thing convincing LJ, Frank. *Hug*

T_T I hope some of those goats work dairy.
Heifer International's Midwest office is located one town away from my hometown! Way to go, yo! When I was a child, my church's vacation Bible school donated our offering for the week to Heifer. If I remember right, one year we were able to donate a hive of honey bees and a flock of chicks. 14 goats is a big deal. 14 families have been helped immensly. Cheers!
Hey, thanks so much for donating to Heifer.org- what a great charity! I bought all my friends animals for Xmas; lots better than stuff they don't need.
You should update more :P
How do you know they're getting eaten? I'm pretty sure they're not, at least not for a long time. The goats help the families by giving them milk not only for their food, but also to sell at the market. Do you really think they'd just eat it right away and waste all that?
Haha nice, they deleted their comment. Typical.
This reminded me of what my silly dad did last year for Christmas. My parents always like to do something charity-oriented, so they bought a goat for a family. He just did it 'cause he liked the idea of giving someone a goat. XD
Um, Frank? Your icon disturbs me. See, my name is Pants. Well, technically, it's Pantera, but Mommy calls me Pants.

Don't eat me plzkthxbye

Frankly speaking, you're awesome. ♥


oye paco. [spanish for "hey frank." sorry, studying for my spanish test]. but im posting to be all like "woosh omg!" an afterschool thingy that i participate in does charity work and i suggested doing heifer international a year ago and i think thats kick ass that you guys did it. if i had known, i would have donated or whatever. haha. post if i can help in any way. im now checking daily since summers coming, less school, more socialize here. muah!


A cousin of yours?

The caption for it was: A goat leads the way for runners taking part in the Great Wall Marathon in China.
Waahahhaahahaaa... you are funny~~~

They won't donate ... else who going to take care LJ!
Good job, Frank. Round of pants for everyone!
Please tell me they want the goats for their MILK, and not to um... eat them...
Frank, good job!

Totally unrelated

That was my BDAY OMIGOSH

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