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Lunch Options

There are so many new choices for places serving pants around our office that I'm having a lot of trouble deciding where to go and what to eat. Help me make a choice.

Poll #1436903 So Many Choices

Where should I go for lunch today?

the Levi's Store
the free box outside the Salvation Army
Brooks Brothers
Overall Emporium

What kind of pants should I eat for lunch?

cargo pants
tweed trousers

Writer's Block: You Might Be Surprised to Hear...

What story of personal greatness, achievement or success would your co-workers or friends be surprised to learn about you?

I was the original model for Gregory the Terrible Eater. Having my story featured on Reading Rainbow was one of my shining moments as a kid!

Hi, how are all of you? I haven't updated in so long. Things are okay here at the LiveJournal office. Today we're working on getting a release out and release days are always busy, even though today's release is mostly bug fixes. tupshin is at the helm and gives us all constant updates about how the code push is going, and marta is making sure that information is getting out to everyone who needs it. coffeechica, the support volunteers, and a few others are beta testing today's changes to make sure any problems are taken care of before the release rolls out. Our sysadmins dwell and mhwest do the heavy lifting and keep the servers from keeling over. And of course, we keep in constant communication with our pals in the Moscow office to make sure all the changes happen as smoothly as possible.

The Customer Care team is in town this week! Normally they work out of their home offices across the United States, but every now and then we invite them to work here for a week. They are quite a loud bunch in this normally quiet office, but they always come bearing pants for me, and sometimes arie brings her famous candied pecans, so it's great to have the extra snacks people around.

Not much else to say! How have you been?