Frank the Goat (frank) wrote,
Frank the Goat

Lunch Options

There are so many new choices for places serving pants around our office that I'm having a lot of trouble deciding where to go and what to eat. Help me make a choice.

Poll #1436903 So Many Choices

Where should I go for lunch today?

the Levi's Store
the free box outside the Salvation Army
Brooks Brothers
Overall Emporium

What kind of pants should I eat for lunch?

cargo pants
tweed trousers
Tags: lunch, pants, polls
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They say there's no such thing as free pants, but if they're giving them away...

Also, I would guess that tweed tastes best?
Out of the woodwork, into the wood.
Eat some jeans!
there is nothing better than jeans!
Frank, I voted for the free box outside the Salvation Army, but anywhere you go will be good. I love any place that offers cheap clothing for the income-challenged. And jeans are ALWAYS in style, no matter the cut. As you chew, remember that you're taking away from Habitat For Humanity - they recycle denim to use as insulation in their houses.

Sorry. Am I a bad person now?
Thank you for your awesome gift; I liked what you wrote also. It actually put a smile on my face. It was a lovely gesture. I smile partly because it's nice to know there are other kind-hearted people, like myself, out there still. Because I do the same sort of stuff for other people and I feel like no one appreciates it or even sees it.

So, here is my appreciation: Thank you. You made my night.


February 1 2010, 09:17:14 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  February 1 2010, 09:37:09 UTC

Um. UM. Thank you so much for the v-gift, I have to wonder, HOW DID YOU KNOW? O.O

...Wait, nevermind. I know whose doing this is now :'D

Also, eat some Levi's.
Dear Frank, thank you for the v-gift. I will enjoy eating your virtual chocolate figure.

make up your mind frank I am going to stop giving you advice because you never take it. Vgift or not, you can't buy jme this time you stinkin' goat! (LOL)
Howdy, Frank! Thank you very much for the gift! :D
Go for the Diesal Jeans... you deserve something with an expensive bouquet to celebrate your upcoming movie!!♥
Thank you for the gift, and the lovely compliment! Enjoy some tasty pants on me. (Well, preferably ones not ON me, actually....)
Hey Frank, so I was going through my messages and stumbled upon one a week old (I know, bad me!) saying all those born under a fire sign were to let out a fiery woot and you'd give them a mystery egg. I know that today was when they eggs would reveal what they were. I was just curious if I was supposed to comment on your journal/if it was too late (I'm a Leo).
Definitely tweed trousers, for the fiber. I think we both know why, Frank.

Thank-you, Frank, for my vg! :D

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