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Dear friends,

It's Frank and LiveJournal team. Today we're going to talk about Frank's new goat duties and giveaways for sharing this post.

Here we go!

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This is Frank, the mascot of LiveJournal
This is Frank, the mascot of LiveJournal

Many of you have known Frank for a long time!

Frank the Goat is a mascot of Live Journal. 

Frank was created by brad Brad Fitzpatrick, creator of LiveJournal. I believe it was on May 20, 2000 (the source is classified, the testimony is confused). 

Frank before working in LJ
Frank before working in LJ

frank is an important member of LiveJournal team and we want you to get to know him better. From this day on, Frank will be helping you, dear users! He will answer your questions and solve your technical issues. 

How can I get help?

If you want to ask Frank a question, tag frank or frank_mobile in your entries or comments. You can also tag him when you're lonely or just want to chat since Frank is the most responsive bot on the planet!

!!! Of course, Frank will never replace our LiveJournal Support Team, but he'll do his best to help you with your technical problems as fast as he can!

Help us! We want more people to know about Frank

We really want as many people as possible to know that frank is ready to help our users. That's why on Monday, on August 30th, at 16:00 GMT time we'll pick ten random users who have shared this entry on their journals or social networks, and gift them Professional package of service for one month. 

Leave links to your journal entries and social networks in the comments to this entry to participate!

Good luck and see you on Monday, August 30th! We'll post a video of the drawing in this profile annnd announce a new monthly contest — #frankofthemonth! Make sure not to miss it!

See you!

With love,
Frank the Goat and LiveJournal team


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