Frank the Goat (frank) wrote,
Frank the Goat

I have the office to myself!

Ha! Everyone went home for the weekend, and left me all alone in the office. "Frank, you'll be okay by yourself, right?" they said.

Mwah. Ha. Ha. Will I be all right by myself? I'll be fine. You might come back to find that I've eaten all the cables to the print server...

Although -- I do have one request. Hey, guys in the office? Can you make the fridge more hooves-friendly? I managed to get the door open, but I couldn't quite manage the pop-top on the Diet Coke cans. I had to bite the can open. Apologize to the cleaning people for me, will you?

A couple of you asked about the pink couch. Here's a picture of veroz (on the left) and revmischa (on the right), chilling, and here's a picture of Ben and Mena, the co-founders of Six Apart, having a snack break. Ben and Mena are great people who run a great company -- this place is so progressive that they eagerly embrace having even a goat on the payroll.

Welcome to all my new friends! When ljkrissy said that she was going to put me in the news update, I didn't know if I should be excited or scared. I'm not used to having this much of an audience. But you're all wonderful people and I'm really enjoying all your comments.

A lot of people have been asking me what I want for the holidays. I keep pointing people to Heifer International, where you can give the gift of a goat (or a share of one). As well as many other fine animals, but we all know that goats are the very best, right? If you're looking for an unusual gift this season, why not take a gander? Or, you know, a sheep, or a llama ...

So is anyone doing anything interesting this weekend? And more importantly, who's going to bring me some PANTS?
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